Love Island Viewers React To Camilla and Jonny’s First Kiss

Didn't it just melt your heart?!

Sunday night’s episode of Love Island included a pretty adorable moment.

Of course, there was plenty of drama. Amber was busy causing something of a rift in the group, whilst the arrival of two new girls put each happy couple on edge. Ahh, we love it.

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But all the arguments and game-playing were overshadowed by one seriously precious moment…

In a typically naughty game of dares at the end of the episode, new lad Jonny – who had recently partnered with shy Camilla – was given his challenge.

When he announced that he had to smooch the smallest girl in the villa, all eyes were on petite Camilla.

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We watched along with Love Island viewers across the UK, hoping and praying that the reserved Islander would get her moment with her new man.

And she did!

YES CAMILLA! So happy we could cry 🎉😀💋 #LoveIsland

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Just like the rest of the Islanders, we were SO happy for Camilla.

Fans of the reality show took to Twitter to share their joy.

‘I cried at Johnny and Camilla’s kiss on love Island cause I’m a mess,’ tweeted one viewer.

‘Yessss Camilla!’ another congratulated.

The romantic moment clearly touched many of the viewers at home, with another reaction reading: ‘maybe an hour behind by sat here with actual tears in my eyes watching camilla kiss jonny it’s made me so ridiculously happy’ [sic].

Us, too…

Jonny and Camilla get to know each other over breakfast

For once, it actually seemed that all the Love Island viewers were united with their love for this adorable couple.

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We’re so pleased to see that Camilla seems to be coming out of her shell, and building great relationships with the girls and the guys.

As for Cam’ and Jonny?

Well, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this adorable couple.

By Emily Jefferies