Love Island’s Camilla Sparks A Big Debate With Her Comments On Feminism

Camilla and Jonny have officially ended things on Love Island. But the reason has divided viewers...

We’re not sure our hearts can take any more.

Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island saw yet another break-up, this time between Camilla Thurlow and Jonny Mitchell.

Viewers had been rooting for the pair ever since their first kiss, largely due to the fact that Cam’ isn’t exactly your typical islander.

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Employed in the field of work known as Explosive Ordnance Disposal, she’s one brainy bad-ass. It seemed to take a few days for the 27-year-old to come out of her shell, but it was pretty adorable to watch her slowly-but-surely warm to new partner Jonny.

Last night, following a discussion on the break-up bench, the pair decided that they weren’t compatible. And our hearts broke a little.

But the reason behind their sudden split has confused people, with a big debate breaking out on social media during the show.

It all started with a discussion about dating. Camilla asked whether Jonny would pay. Trying to be the gent, he explained that he’d always foot the bill. A pretty nice gesture, right?

But when Cam’ said that she’d prefer to split it, she was taken aback when Jonny said that he’d feel ’emasculated’ if he didn’t pay. Hmm.

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The conversation then delved a little deeper into feminism, and it seemed as though Jonny’s differing opinions were too much for Camilla, with Jonny questioning whether women ‘almost have more opportunities than men’ now.


She told her fellow islanders: ‘This is what happens when you move too quickly and then you find something out and you’re like, no this could never go anywhere.’

A few viewers thought that Camilla had overreacted, with tweets including:

Others, however, jumped to her defence.

Some pointed out just a few of the ways that women still aren’t on an equal level.

One wrote: ‘Dear women taking the piss out of Camilla for being passionate about feminism, enjoy continuing to earn less than men #LoveIsland’.

In fact, even voiceover man Iain Stirling stepped in:

Whilst we’re chuffed to see Camilla flying the flag of feminism on the ITV2 show, we wish that she’d taken the opportunity to explain things to Jonny a little more.

After all, there’s always room for a healthy debate in a relationship.

Here’s hoping that the Love Island crew can find someone that’s perfect for her…