Camilla Thurlow Is Seriously Dividing Love Island Viewers

What do you think of Price Harry's rumoured ex?

Things kicked off right from the word go on this series of ITV2’s Love Island.

But one of the lucky ladies has stood out from the group this year for her lack of drama…

Scottish 27-year-old Camilla Thurlow is pretty different from the other Islanders, and viewers have been VERY divided as to whether it’s a good or bad thing.

There’s been a lot of love on Twitter for the shy beauty, with fans praising her intelligence and ‘class’.

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One wrote: ‘I really like Camilla.People calling her boring cause she has better things to talk about than lip fillers and isn’t acting desp [sic].’

After a clip from last night’s ep (7 June), which saw the lads checking out the ladies working out, we got an insight into their views on the brave Explosive Ordnance Disposal employee.

Couldn't be prouder of our girl #wifematerial #teamcammy #loveisland2017

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Watching Camilla helping the other girls out with their exercises in her T-shirt and shorts, the guys called her ‘wife-material’ and admitted they were all ‘idiots’ for not being interested in her.

Those tuning into the hit reality show quickly shared their support on social media, with one Tweeting: ‘Loving how respectful the guys are about camilla instead of calling her a prude or frigid or whatever, pure class that girl [sic].’

However, some are confused as to why Camilla signed up for the show in the first place.

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One Tweet reads: ‘Camilla you seem such an intelligent independent woman, why did you put yourself on this?’

Others shared that they simply found her too boring for the programme: ‘Jesus I’m falling asleep listening to her voice #Camilla.’

Fingers crossed Camilla’s Love Island experience is made a bit more exciting with the arrival of new boys, Chris and Jonny…

By Emily Jefferies