11 Moments You Forgot From This Year’s Love Island

Oh, Love Island.

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How much do we love thee? Let us count the sun loungers.

1. When Scott Thomas kissed Zara Holland

Yup. You may have forgotten that these two coupled up on the first day.


He might have been responsible for the first kiss of the series, but Scott’s head soon turned once Kady strutted her sassy stuff into the villa.

And that ‘break-up’ conversation was the first of many let-downs for the former Miss GB. Not cool.

2. When Sophie Gradon tried to leave Tom Powell ON DAY ONE

He chose her to stand with in the swimming pool (and if that’s not love at first sight, we don’t know what is). But that didn’t stop Soph’ from putting herself forward to be picked by another fella, before being sent swiftly back to Tom.


3. When Malia lasted around five minutes in the villa


After she stole Scott Thomas for a date (brave move, miss), she and Kady got into a bit of an altercation.

Kady accidentally spilt drink on her shoe, and things got very sweary, very quickly, before newcomer Malia was asked to leave.

4. When Javi was around


Poor, single, Javi. He chased both Olivia and Kady.

But, alas, he wasn’t successful…

5. When Malin wasn’t picked on the first day

It was the first of MANY controversial moments in the series.

It looked like none of the guys wanted to pick poor Ma’ from the line-up, and social media was outaged.

One wrote: ‘Why’ve the all pied Malin? She’s the prettiest one don’t understand men at all #LoveIsland’.

6. When Daniel kept saying he wanted to ‘get to know’ everyone




Oh, what a catchphrase.


It was one of the biggest ‘OMG!’ moments of this series.

At the time, we didn’t really know what had happened between the sheets.



But with a little help from the gossiping islanders, and a big reveal from Caroline Flack, we ALL know EVERYTHING.

8. When Adam J tried to get on the island TWICE

Yup, Adam J was part of the vote-in during the very first week, but lost out to Terry.



Oh, how different things could have been…

9. When Kady called Tina something not very nice


We’re sure you haven’t forgotten about Kady’s temper tantrum.

But did you remember that she called Tina ‘a plain Jane Chelsea reject’?

They’re bezzies now. Awks.

10. When Olivia was coupled with Daniel on the first day



After he stole her from Javi, leaving him the only single lad.

Natch, a love triange ensued.

11. When Nathan called Cara ‘frigid’



They might be all lovey dovey and #RelationshipGoals now, but let’s not forget that moment which angered a lot of viewers at the start (us included).

Props to Cara for schooling him, though.