Love Island’s Amber And Kem Are Solid Following The Lie Detector Test

The public seem to have changed their opinion of Kember...

Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies have gone from strength-to-strength in recent weeks.

Their earlier time in the Love Island villa was very on/off, and included a number of arguments, a break-up, a re-coupling (we’re looking at you, Chyna) and, finally, an epic make-up.

The pair have since confessed their love to one another (aww) and it’s looked as though they haven’t been able to keep their hands off of each other. Ah, young love.

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Since making things official, Kem and Amber spent a romantic night in the hideaway…

In fact, in a recent instalment of the ITV2 reality show, Kem could be seen telling his ‘broski’ Chris Hughes just what he sees for his future with Amber.

‘This is no banter. I can imagine myself having kids and a family with Amber, but this is my problem,’ he said.

‘I have never had a bird.  This is the bird I have made my girlfriend.

‘I am in love with her.  I want to be with her.

‘I always said to my mum and dad that the first person I made my girlfriend, it is my intention to make them my wife.’


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But when it was announced that Tuesday’s episode was going to contain the dreaded lie detector test, we wondered how Kember might fare.

Before the challenge commenced, Kem told the Beach Hut camera: ‘I’m excited but a little bit nervous… I’ve thrown some big questions in there.’

Luckily for the couple, Amber passed her test with flying colours.

And it seems as though the public, who have been a little dubious of them, have now started to support them.

One tweet read: ‘Can’t believe I’m actually saying this! But I want KEM and Amber to win #loveisand Ukno! And I think they will’ [sic].

Another added: ‘Has anyone else started to rlly like amber??? #loveisand’ [sic].

Other reactions included: ‘Actually like amber now. Feel like she’s just been her self throughout and kem is the best. Kem and amber to win #loveisand’ and ‘I think the most genuine couple is kem and amber, #loveisand’ [sic].

Can they make it to the final? We guess we’ll have to wait and see.