Love Island’s Amber Divides Viewers And Causes A Stir On Twitter

This particular Islander got up to a lot on her first night...

Love Island 2017 started last night, kicking off a long, hot summer of sizzling drama.

And one of the Islanders has already caused a bit of a stir on Twitter – Amber Davies.

After poor Marcel didn’t have ANY girls step forward for him (how awkward was that?!) he chose Amber as his first pick.

Amber seemed pleased, but soon ditched him for blonde hunk Harley… Ouch. The petite brunette also stole the first kiss of the series with Harley, as they cosied up together on their first night.

The pair seemed VERY into each other. However, things soon changed in the morning…

When Amber had a catch-up with fellow Islander Montana, she admitted that she didn’t have any feelings for Harley whatsoever.

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To shock viewers even more, she then went on to have a conversation with Harley to clear things up and ensure they were on the same page. Whaaat?

After her quick change of heart in just the first ep of the series, fans were divided. One Tweeted their distrust: ‘Amber is a snake

Another posted: ‘Lmao amber on love island saying it’s too soon to kiss someone just after ya meet then. oops.’

Many seemed confused, with one message reading: ‘Amber – ” I got no feelings for him”. Which lips did she snog Harley with?’

Others seemed sure that Amber was going to dump Harley, writing: Amber tryna slightly pie off Harley,’ and: ‘Amber is gonna screw Harley over 100% [sic].’

One Twitter user seemed very #TeamHarley, speculating: ‘Amber is playing games, Harley can do better.’

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However, others praised the new couple. Tweets read: ‘Amber and Harley are adorable,’ and: ‘OMG I love Harley & Amber.’

Tune in to ITV2 tonight to see whether this paring will make it any further…

By Emily Jefferies