Why You Can Expect Drama From Tonight’s Love Island

Love Island really stepped up the emotion last night. 

Viewers watched as the majority of the island’s couples argued their way through the night. Sad face. 

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Yup, we had Malin and Terry getting through #ToastieGate, Sophie and Tom bickering again, and Scott and Kady being their usual argumentative – yet adorable – selves. 

Thankfully, the lovable couples seemed to have settled their differences by the time the end credits roled… Just as the latest bombshell was dropped!

Two new lads are about to descend on the unsuspecting couples, and we have a sneaky suspicion that more rows are on the horizon… 

So, what do we know about new boys Alex and James? 

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Alex Bowen, who just so happens to have gone on a few dates with Vicky Pattison before they decided to stay friends, already has his eyes on one of the original ladies.

Speaking to Now, he confessed that he’s got the hots for Sophie, and he doesn’t seem to care that she’s already coupled-up with Tom.

He revealed: ‘I don’t think she’s into him as much as he’s into her.

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‘I don’t know if he’s playing that for the cameras, but if he comes up to me while I’m cracking on with her then I’ll just tell him where to go!

‘I haven’t got any loyalties, so if he calls me a snake I’ll tell him straight how it is.’

Oh blimey. 

Could Zara be in luck? 


James, on the other hand, seems to fancy Olivia and Miss GB herself, Zara. 

Could this finally be her moment? We’ll be tuning in tonight to find out…