Love Island’s Alex Bowen Gives His Summary Of This Year’s Contestants

It's fair to say that the former Love Island runner-up did not hold back...

Former Love Island hunk and runner-up Alex Bowen has been keeping us all entertained with his commentary on the reality series so far this year.

His no-nonsense approach to the show has divided opinions but one thing’s for certain… He’s definitely honest!

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olivia buckland alex bowen

Alex is engaged to Olivia Buckland, who he met on Love Island last year

After last night’s dramatic episode – in which Olivia dumped Chris after finding out she was unpopular with the public and ‘Muggy Mike’ re-entered the villa – Alex (as usual) had a LOT to say.

In a summary from the episode, Alex posted:

‘Olivia is a vile person, chris has won me Over.. kem and marcel will Release a single, alex is sound but needs to unmuted, Montana is a girls girl, amber will be gone in a month ( sorry kem) Theo just likes to talk s***… gabby and marcel should win,, Georgia I didn’t see you all episode and tyla will get with mike [sic]’.

Phew. Did you keep up?!

And in a rant directed more specifically at a certain someone, Alex did not hold back:

‘Oliva just needs to f*** off man she’s actually a nuts… vile little girl…. p***ed me off… chris just sack it’.


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He also admitted to being won over by Chris Hughes, who – if you remember – was a very controversial contestant in the beginning.

Alex tweeted: ‘Chris has changed my opinion of him when he started spraying some barsΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© omg he’s a strange one but he’s won me over πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ‘.

Fellow 2016 islander and now fiancΓ©e Olivia Buckland also took to social media to agree with her future hubby.

She wrote: ‘Is Olivia thinking that the reason she was the least liked person in is Chris? Cus’ that turnaround of dumping Chris after finding out…πŸ€”” [sic].

She then added: ‘Some may call that game play πŸ€”’ and ‘Poor Chris 😑’ [sic].

Oh dear.

If there’s one thing you can rely on with Love Island, it’s that people will get super invested in the islanders.

Eek! Keep the commentary coming, guys!

By Emily Jefferies