Love Island’s Alex Bowen Opens Up About His Anxiety

The reality TV star has spoken out about a very important issue...

Love Island‘s Alex Bowen, who shot to fame on last year’s series of the ITVBe dating show, has spoken out about his experience with anxiety.

The 26-year-old met his fiancée Olivia Buckland during his time on the show, and since then the pair have become a pretty popular reality TV couple.

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But it seems as though, away from the cameras, Alex has been struggling with anxiety.

In a recent interview, he told The Sun: ‘Obviously doing all the PAs and club appearances, I had never suffered from anxiety before.

‘But over the past year, I’ve been out and about and I feel sick, my anxiety starts to come on and I’ll be nervous.’

He added: ‘I feel so unconfident. It’s so weird. I was on my way to a PA and I was so nervous and I felt so sick I couldn’t even walk into the night club. It’s a horrible situation.’

According to the publication, Alex believes that his issues started when he was catapulted into the limelight after taking part in Love Island.

‘I went into Love Island unknown and you come out and people will look at you and approach you and stuff like that…

Alex and Olivia met on Love Island 2016 and made it into the final…

If you’d like help or advice with anxiety, please head to the NHS website. 

‘I think that’s where it started, I feel on edge sometimes if I’m trying to just chill out. But my mate told me about that app and it’s really started to help me,’ he continued.

Alex reflected: ‘It’s so weird because I’m not a nervous person and I am not unconfident. I’ve done a lot of things but I do get nervous.

‘It’s a weird transition for me.’