14 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Totally Addicted To Love Island


1. You can blame Love Island for the breakdown of your relationship

Even though your fella sits there and offers his opinion on EVERY islander in the villa (please shush, Ian Stirling is talking), that won’t stop him from protesting when you reach for the remote at 8.59pm every night.

But we know you love it really, bae.

2. You’ll find yourself cancelling plans to spend an evening with your favourite TV couples

True friends will understand.


3. You’re basically tired for the entire time that Love Island is on TV

You absolutely CAN’T go into work the next day without having watched Love Island. Even if it means getting home at midnight and staying up to watch it on catch-up.

4. And you’ll have an irrational hatred for the ITV website

It’s 2018. Why does it take so long to upload an episode that’s already aired?

They put a man on the moon for goodness sake…

5. You’re totally prepared to fall out with your housemates

If she slates Love Island ONE MORE TIME…

*Shakes fist*

6. Sunday evening is now one of our favourite times

These days, we’re left with an empty feeling inside on a Saturday night. And it only goes away at 9pm on a Sunday.

7. You were genuinely OUTRAGED by the Malin/Terry dramz

We know it was two years ago. And we know they’ve both moved on. But it still hurts.

8. You’ll be texting a commentary to your fellow Love Island– obsessives

You might as well just create a dedicated WhatsApp group and be done with it.

9. You’re M.I.A between the hours of 9pm and 11pm

Because obviously you need AT LEAST an hour after the show to debrief with friends and check ALL of the islander’s social media accounts.

10. You deleted half of your apps to make room for the Love Island one

Well, who wants to miss out on all of the added gossip?

11. You feel that if people haven’t heard of Jon and Hannah from Love Island 2015, they’re not TRUE fans


12. You’ll want a Love Island water bottle for yourself

And you’ve gone as far as to plan how you could make one from home.

13. If you went to Glastonbury last year…

…Half of you regretted buying your ticket.

And the other half were constantly on the hunt for all the updates.


14. You’ll judge all the newcomers as if you ACTUALLY have to live with them


Because, really, we feel like we do…