Love Island Viewers Feel Strongly About Adam And Tina

Tina Stinnes was left in tears during last night’s Love Island, after a very sudden showdown with Adam Maxted.

All of the dramz was focused firmly on Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon, and Tina seemed to be the only islander giving Soph’ the benefit of the doubt.

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Tina was trying to see where Sophie was coming from, after ending things with Katie following a revelation about her ‘love’ for Tom. But Adam was of the firm belief that it was all a game, as he explained: ‘Remember the night we had to choose the weakest couples, all of a sudden Sophie and Tom were back together…’



The former Made In Chelsea star reasoned, ‘Wait, I said from the beginning that was weird timing, but sometimes things make you realise. There are always two sides to things. You don’t know what’s going through someone’s head.’

But the focus then swiftly turned back on Ad’ and Tina, after he snapped: ‘If you spent more time worrying about finding love, you might find it. I want to ask you about this, what are you looking for?’



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A tearful Tina then revealed that she has been in love before, but she got her heart broken. Aw, we’ve all been there, lady.

Venting to Katie, she said, ‘I’m fuming. I’m sorry, but [Adam] hasn’t found love either. At the end of the day, I have been in love and I got my heart broken so I’m sorry if I don’t want to put myself in that position again. I’ve been lonely in here, and everyone knows it.’ 


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Viewers were divided on social media.

Many were angry with how Adam handled the situation, with comments including: ‘Woahhhhhhhh Adam wants to lower his tone speaking to Tina…’, ‘Not quite sure why Adam is having a go at Tina for not “finding love” when he’s been in there longer and hasn’t either?’ and ‘Tina is the only girl who has Sophie’s back. Love her for that. Do one Adam.’

But others thought that Tina might have been over reacting. Reactions included: ‘Tina made a mountain out of a molehill with what Adam said’ and ‘Omg Adam!! I am howling, told Tina straight..’ [sic].



Many of the island’s lads have branded Tina ‘hard work’, because she hasn’t really shown an interest in anyone. In fact, Kady McDermott’s ex boyfriend Sam Reece seems to agree, as he’s recently tweeted: ‘Catching up on #LoveIsland Tina seems like such hard work’.

Come on, guys. It’s not Tina’s fault if she hasn’t found that spark with anyone.

You can’t force it, after all…