Love Island’s Adam And Katie Are *Officially* Over

Eep. So it looks like things are well and truly over between Love Island‘s Adam Maxted and Katie Salmon.

We’d had high hopes for the pair’s blossoming romance, what with them finishing in fourth place on Monday’s night final.

While they’d only coupled up a few days earlier, they’d enjoyed a smooch or two, and were snapped hanging out together at the show’s after-party.

> Adam and Katie came fourth on Monday’s final


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But cut to the wrap party last night, and things appeared to have changed dramatically.

The first hint that something was up came when Katie, 20, Tweeted earlier in the day: ‘So excited for tonight with my islanders it’s going to be so good. Can’t wait to see @TroyFrith @terrywalsh88 @emmajwoodhams @AdamJukes1.’

> Katie posted this Tweet yesterday


Um. No mention of Adam?

Then after the bash, 24-year-old Adam revealed that they’d fallen out over a conversation about Katie’s fling with fellow Islander Sophie Gradon.

In case you’ve forgotten what happened there, let us refresh your memories. Katie kissed the 30-year-old before asking her to partner up in the coupling ceremony.

> Sophie dumped Katie soon after they coupled up


However, she was dramatically dumped shortly after, with Sophie admitting that her heart was still with ‘ex’ Tom Powell.

in a message to OK!, Adam claims: ‘Basically had a bit of an argument with Katie cause she said I didn’t stick up for her when she was arguing with Tom and Sophie about the Sophie situation on camera last night [sic].

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> It *all* kicked off after last night’s wrap party. Eek



‘Then all of a sudden she started getting photos with them like they were all friends again but was still off with me. But I couldn’t be bothered arguing what’s done is done in the villa.

‘And then we were getting a taxi to [London club] DSTRKT and I was in it and Katie started kissing Troy [Frith] in the back while I was there lol so we are done.’

> Katie was seen cosying up to Troy on Snapchat


But it turns out he wasn’t done. Adam continued his rant on Twitter – and couldn’t resist using one of his famous metaphors.

He said: ‘#100%Single. It’s like when you’re eating a kebab after a night out & the first few bites taste good but then u realise that it really isn’t nice at all!’



Crikey. Katie then shared the cryptic Tweet: ‘It’s like getting socks at Christmas. Practical but no fun.’

Hmmm. We’re not sure this one is salvageable, guys…