5 Things We Learned From Sunday’s Love Island

Saturday nights used to be great. That was until Love Island hit our screens. Now the weekend eve stands out as the only day we don’t get to see fresh drama from the rampant house. Thankfully we only have to deal with one night off.

Sunday’s episode was packed with just the right amount of juicy gossip, wicked stirring and shameful flirting. Here’s a round up of the most important bits so you can keep up with the work chat on Monday… 

> Alex FINALLY realises he’s onto a good thing


Alex definitely likes Olivia!
After much banter big time #lad Alex finally figured out his feelings for Liv and it was all thanks to Adam J. The Mancunian chatterbox told Alex he was going to ask his missus out on a date to get some intel on single girl Tiina. When Alex found out Adam had actually spent most of the afternoon tea cracking onto Olivia he blew a gasket. Once he’d told Adam what a bad lad he had been, the handsome Brummie opened up to Liv telling her he “really likes” her. He even said he’d like to meet up in the outside world! Big news for Liv.

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Boys will be boys. The prospect of two women going on a romantic date was enough to get a few of the boys into a tizz, upsetting Kady and Cara. When Nathan and Scott giddily discussed Sophie and Katie’s date by the smoking area, Cara calmly told them to chill out and respect the fact that it was just two people on a date. Yeah, boys.

> Sophie on her date with Katie


Adam FINALLY got some bed action. Sort of. Because original Adam is still single and new Adam is also solo the duo must share a bed. To make things interesting, the Irish wrestler cooked up a LOLs idea with naughty Nathan to frighten Adam J by faking night terrors. It was pretty funny but not quite as scary as Terry and Emma’s night terrors. Speaking of which…

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> She’s BACK!


Malin is coming BACK. Oh Tel, hold onto your Brycreem. Your bedroom antics with Emma-Jane have entertained/shocked the nation but it’s your ex-gf Malin you need to be worried about. Who makes a shocking return to confront Terry!

Sophie and Katie snog. In what might have been one of the flirtiest dates yet on Love Island, Katie and Sophie drank champs, exchanged compliments and stared into each other’s eyes before ending the evening with a cheeky kiss.