And The Winners Of Love Island 2016 Are…

It was a night of tears, smiles and a whole load of emotion as this year’s Love Island winners were announced. And the title went to… *drumroll please* Nathan and Cara.

Yep, after nearly a million votes, the public voted for Nathan and Cara to be crowned the winners of Love Island 2016, with a whopping 54% of the total vote. ‘For once in my life I’m speechless’, Nathan said, before adding to the viewers: ‘Thank you so much’.

But there was a twist. The couple were handed two envelopes, one with £50,000 in, and one with nothing in. Cara got the money envelope, and of course, voted to share it. Of COURSE she did.

> Cara and Nathan were the favourites to win Love Island 2016


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Olivia and Alex came in at a close second place, and made us well up with their exit interview.

‘You two, you melt my heart. You’ve done nothing but make me cry the last week’, Caroline told Alex and Olivia during the finale show, to which Olivia replied: ‘I had to kiss a few frogs to find my prince.’ TOO CUTE.



> Scott and Kady came in at third place


Next in at third place were Scott and Kady, which we have to say, came as a bit of a shock to some. But their future is looking bright, as they both admitted in their interview with Caroline afterwards: ‘If we can get through this, we can get through anything. Yay!

Coming in at fourth place were Adam and Katie, who ducked out graciously, and with Adam summing up his experience with yet another beautiful metaphor, describing himself as a ‘butterfly in a cocoon’ that had been set free after meeting Katie. Nawww.

> Katie and Adam scooped fourth prize at the Love Island finale show…


Before the finale, the bookies’ favourite to win were Nathan and Cara.

But who did the former Islanders think would win? Well, Zara Holland was gunning for Nathan and Cara, or Kady and Scott.

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> The Love Islland finale show was certainly an emotional one…


Malin Andersson was also torn between Nathan and Cara and Scott and Kady, whilst Tom Powell was gunning for Nathan and Cara the whole way.

Rykard Jenkins, however, kept his cards close to his chest, simply tweeting: ‘I’ve voted’. Ooh, cryptic, sir!

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