Love Island 2016: Where Are The Couples Now?

Which of the Love Island couples from series two have broken up? Who is still in the limelight, and who has disappeared?

Oh, Love Island 2016.

It’s fair to say that our Love Island addiction has been building and building with each year that has passed.

Love Island 2015 kicked things back off with a bang, making its return with a new format following a hiatus. We were drawn in by Hannah Elizabeth‘s sassy one-liners – and her incredible blowdry – and, of course, became completely invested in the love life of winner Jessica Hayes.

Then the 2016 series happened. And we’re not afraid to admit that we cancelled plans to stay home and catch up on the latest gossip from the villa. We developed some pretty strong feelings about the couples’ relationships; it’s fair to say that we’re still not over Terry Walsh’s treatment of Malin Andersson, or that epic comeback moment which saw her confront him.

Now that was reality TV gold right there.

We also still check in on the islanders every once in a while to see how they’re doing.

With a new series looming, we’re taking the opportunity to look back at the 2016 line-up.

Love Island 2016 winners Cara and Nathan

Love Island 2016 Cara Nathan

Coupling-up in the very first episode, these two stuck it out for the entire series. With his cheeky chappy ways and her straight-talking attitude, we sussed out pretty quickly that they were going to be one entertaining duo.

They said the ‘L’ word and split the prize money.

The best news? These two are STILL together – and they have even welcomed their first child, a baby boy called Freddie-George.

Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas

Love Island 2016 Scott Kady

One of our favourite moments from the 2016 series of Love Island had to be when Scott asked Kady to be his girlfriend through the art of towel arrangement. We mean, cuteness overload.

After a lot of tantrums and make-or-break moments, the pair proved themselves to be one of the most relatable couples on the show and made it to the final.

They made a good go of things outside of the villa, but sadly parted ways at the end of last year.

Where is Terry Walsh now?

Love Island 2016 Terry Malin

Malin Andersson had a messy split from Love Island’s Terry Walsh

Oh, Tel.

It’s safe to say that Terry was responsible for a lot of the most talked about moments of the series. OF COURSE, there was the on-screen dumping of Malin (who was watching from her sofa at home) and her epic comeback to confront him after he moved on with newcomer Emma Woodhams.

Nobody believed that Terry and Emma would make it, but after leaving the villa they made things offish and even moved in together.

Love Island 2016

They did eventually call time on their relationship, and Emma has now welcomed a baby with her new boyfriend.

Terry, on the other hand, seems to divide his time between the UK and Ibiza.

Malin Andersson

Love Island 2016 Malin

It’s fair to say that Love Island 2016 was all about Malin.

Of course, we know what went down between her and Terry, but since leaving the villa – for the second time – she’s launched her very own YouTube channel, cementing herself as a successful beauty blogger.

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen

Now, we know that Alex hit a bit of a stumbling block when he spent the night with Zara Holland in the hideaway (yup, had you forgotten that?!).

Love Island 2016 Alex Olivia

But following that, we watched ‘Liv and Alex grow closer and closer, and we really found ourselves caring about their romance.

The pair are still going strong – and have become the first couple to get engaged from the 2016 show. Congrats, guys!

Zara Holland

Love Island 2016 Zara Holland

Oh, Miss GB.

This LI lady came with a ready-made catchphrase, but was sadly stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after a night in the hideaway with Alex Bowen.

We were all rooting for her in the villa, and since the show ended it seems that she has found love. The former contestant also owns her own clothing boutique.

Adam Maxted 

Love Island 2016 Adam

Poor Adam was pretty unlucky in love. He didn’t seem to find his match for the majority of the series, but then fell for Katie Salmon when she arrived at the last minute.

The pair made it to fourth place, but seemed to go their separate ways not long after.

Away from the show, Adam appears to have found romance with a new lady and is also working hard towards his goal of becoming a professional wrestler.

Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton

Love Island Rykard

Ry’ made hearts MELT when he decided to walk away from the show to be with nurse Rachel.

There was a slight hiccup when Carolina Flack had to tell Rach’ that he’d spent the night with Olivia earlier on, but they’ve forgiven and forgotten since then.

The couple seemed to be going from strength-to-strength after returning to the UK, but eventually confirmed their split in December last year.

Daniel Lukakis

Love Island 2016

Despite constantly telling people he wanted to ‘get to know’ them, Dan didn’t have much luck on the ITV2 show.

He still keeps in touch with some of the Love Island lads – he was spotted out with Nathan and Rykard recently – and he co-owns a clothing brand.

Sophie Gradon and Thomas Powell

Sophie had quite an emotional time in the villa. She coupled-up with Tom Powell from early, but the couple weren’t without their problems.

After he was voted out of the show, Soph’ stayed and ended up coupling-up with new islander Katie. But she then decided that it was Tom she wanted, walking out on the series to be with him.

Love Island 2016

Despite giving things a good go in the real world, the Love Island couple eventually called time on their relationship.

Now, according to her Instagram, Sophie seems super loved-up with a new beau – and there was even a rumour that she may have married (but it turned out to be a prank).

Thomas, on the other hand, has been keeping up his gym bod’ and owns his own clothing brand Destruct.

What happened to Malia from Love Island?

You might have a hard time remembering this islander, as she only stayed in the villa for one day.

After she stole Scott Thomas for a date (brave move, miss), she and Kady got into a bit of an altercation.

Kady accidentally spilt drink on her shoe, and things got very sweary, very quickly, before newcomer Malia was asked to leave.

Malia did drop some pretty heavy hints that she might have been set to make a TV comeback for last year’s series of Love Island, tweeting: ‘Secret meetings this weekend 😍🌴🎥’.

Fans questioned whether she might have been getting a second chance on Love Island, but she never returned.

One thing’s for sure, we cannot WAIT for the new series…