Louise Thompson’s SHOCK Made In Chelsea Decision

Stop everything, Louise Thompson is reportedly mulling over the idea of LEAVING Made In Chelsea for good.

After her cheating ways were exposed to ex Andy Jordan, all the season 6 drama may have finally got the better of the tearful brunette.

According to Star magazine, a source close to the Chelsea star said: ‘Louise is putting on a defiant front, but on the inside she’s crumbling.’

It seems like her rumoured rendezvous with One Direction’s Niall Horan was the final straw for emotional Louise, which was followed by more naughty encounters with ex Spencer Matthews, which went public in last week’s episode.

‘Louise wonders if she should just quit the programme altogether,’ the source added. ‘Louise has to deal with genuine hatred every day. Sometimes it feels as if Made in Chelsea has ruined her life.’

But when Andy admitted to his own fling during the couple’s Ross and Rachel style ‘break’, 24-year-old Louise responded to her former flame on Twitter: ‘Cry me a river Andy Jordan. Total hypocrite.’

It’s not been ALL bad for the pint-sized star though, as she had the pleasure of locking lips with Professor Green’s best pal, DJ IQ, this week. Maybe Millie Mackintosh has been sharing some of her post-Chelsea wisdom with her former on-screen BFF.

Do YOU think Louise should stick around Chelsea for a little while longer?

By Jessica Bridgeman

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