MIC’s Louise Thompson And Tiff Watson’s Scary Ordeal In Cannes

Who knew *this* horrible thing happened once the cameras stopped rolling?

Something seriously scary happened to Louise Thompson and Tiffany Watson whilst they were in Cannes.

The Made In Chelsea beauties were sharing a villa with Louise’s brother Sam, but were targeted by thieves whilst out there, resulting in their luxury villa being ransacked.

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According to The Sun, the pair had ‘armfuls’ of their belongings stolen, with the source adding: ‘Tiffany, Louise and Sam were looking forward to a relaxing break with lots of champagne and sunbathing at their villa, so the burglary really upset them.’

‘The items can obviously be replaced but it was disturbing for them to think that intruders had been able to get in.  It made them feel a little bit vulnerable.’

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We can totally imagine – how terrifying?!

The source added: ‘The thought of what could have happened if one of them had confronted a burglar as they were raiding the place is also very unpleasant.’

‘They all tried their best to put it behind them and carry on but it wasn’t easy to pretend on camera they were having the time of their lives.’

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Louise later had her Dior sunnies and a Prada bag stolen from her car…

Even worse, Weez then had another horrible experience just a few days later when her Prada handbag and a pair of Dior sunnies were nicked out of her car.

Not fair. Sending our love to both girls right now.