Louise Thompson Makes A Blunder On Sunday Brunch

The Made In Chelsea star accidentally swore live on air...

MIC’s Louise Thompson discovered the risks of live TV on Sunday morning when she accidentally made a blunder live on air.

The Made In Chelsea beauty joined presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer for the popular Channel 4 brunch show, where she was grilled about the cast’s antics during the new series set in Cannes.

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sunday brunch louise thompson

Louise showed off her cooking skills on Sunday Brunch…

But when the hosts asked about the show, Louise admitted that something that happened on the show left her “p***** off”.

The show immediately apologised for the naughty blunder, but Twitter was on the case.

‘Hahahahaha @LouiseAThompson swearing on #SundayBrunch awkward’, one viewer tweeted.

‘@SundayBrunchC4 ackward when @LouiseAThompson says a swearyyyy !*#*?! #awks #hadtolaugh #SundayBrunch’, said another.


It’s not the first time a Made In Chelsea star has sworn on the show – Jamie Laing, Binky Felstead and Ollie Locke recently made an appearance, and Ollie said the F word.

Naughty Ols!

‘Olly said the F word, Louise says ‘p****d off’ let’s get Jamie on the show to make it 3 for 3 for Made In Chelsea!’ another viewer commented.

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And it seems the Channel 4 gang weren’t too upset with Weez’s gaff, as they went and tweeted how much they enjoyed having her afterwards.

‘You made our day Louise!’ they tweeted later on in the day.

Looks like she got away with it this time…