MIC’s Louise Thompson Insists She’s Not ‘Bullying’ Steph

If you’re a Made In Chelsea fan, you would have witnessed the most awkward holiday in the world happening when the group took a trip to the Maldives.

Stephanie Pratt whisked the others off for a sunshine break on the paradise island, but things didn’t exactly go to plan for the blonde beauty.

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Not only did she have a major bust-up with Tiff Watson after threatening to spill her relationship secrets, but Steph also had a barney with Louise Thompson, who didn’t seem particularly over-the-moon to be on the holiday in the first place.

After the episode aired, many people accused Louise and Tiff for being ‘ungrateful’ to Steph after she ‘treated’ them to such an enviable holiday. And Weez isn’t having any of it.

Taking to Instagram to share a shot of Tiff and Stephanie, Louise wrote: ‘For those morons who will not stop hurling abuse at my page. 
I am incapable of hurting a fly let alone bullying a 30 year old woman who has been playing the reality tv game for over 10 years.



‘The word ‘bully’ is very strong so stop with the false accusations. AND
 Steph did not pay for me in the Maldives, I am not that much of a cheapskate’. Crikey!

The petite brunette also sent out a tweet after the show explaining why she was on the vaycay in the first place, when she had so clearly fallen out with host Steph. 

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‘Sometimes, albeit rarely, you just have NO choice on whether or not you go on an abroad trip, I know it sounds really strange’, she wrote. ‘Wouldn’t have been very good tv if Steph was sat on a beach on her own.’

Fair point.

Looks like we should all remember that Made In Chelsea is a ‘structured reality show’ next time, eh?