Has Louise Thompson Been Photoshopping This Body Part?

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson is looking blimmin’ amazing right now.

From her rock hard abs to her glowing skin, there’s no doubt the 26-year-old’s rigorous new fitness and healthy eating regime is paying off.

But some fans have been quick to doubt how genuine Louise’s looks are, thanks to a curious Instagram selfie she posted this week.

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Louise took to the social media platform to share another gorgeous selfie of her on-point make-up look.

‘The brown eye look’, the Chelsea resident wrote before listing all of the make-up products she’d used on her face that day.

However, the photo soon stirred up a storm of controversy, with many fans accusing her of Photoshopping her (wait for it)… neck. Yep. 



‘Wtf is with her neck did she photoshop’, one user commented.

‘Yikes. Check your photoshop mistakes before you post!’ slammed another, whilst another fan added: ‘Photoshop neck gone wrong.’

In the image, Louise’s neck does look like a different colour to the rest of her body, but rather than being due to a dodgy Photoshop fail, we reckon it was all simply down to the shadow from the selfie light she was using.



And thankfully, another fan agreed.

‘This photo is not photoshopped at all. Shes got a gold necklace on and a shadow from her jaw line.’

Amen to that. Don’t go accusing people of employing Instagram trickery until you know the facts. Period.