Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson On Her Change In Lifestyle

Louise admitted her life was 'out of control'...

Made In Chelsea‘s Louise Thompson has been impressing fans everywhere with her recent transformation… Where can we get those abs from?!

The petite brunette has always been totally gorgeous, but lately has been focused on getting seriously in shape with boyfriend and personal trainer Ryan Libbey.

Louise has even scored herself the front cover of Women’s Health UK (go girl!) and opened up to them about how she completely transformed her life from party girl to fitness guru.

She says: ‘I’m a control freak, yet my life was out of control. For about three years, I was not at full capacity.’

I couldn’t be more proud to share this with you guys. Honestly, I know i’m cringe but i’m so happy that you get to see another aspect to my life that isn’t me embarrassing myself on tv. Many of you have followed my journey over the last 6 years, but the past year has been by far my most memorable, most successful and most happy and a lot of that is down to some changes I have made, particularly the way that I treat my body, and consequently my relationships and life!💪🏽 I am overwhelmed and incredibly flattered by all of the positive remarks that i get from you guys every day about my body transformation but because it has been a gradual transition I never thought I deserved much credit! HOWEVER, when I reflect on the last year as a whole, and I speak to those close to me I can see how far i’ve come and it’s been a real game changer. I’ve never been REALLY out of shape but I used to treat my body pretty badly. I won't go into the details but my life between the ages of 16-25 were full of extreme behaviours. I lacked sleep, drank too much alcohol and binge ate bad food. Then I would go through a break up and try to get into what I thought was ‘good’ shape so I would do a blitz diet and workout for a couple of weeks! I realised that method was pointless because I was never going to get the body I THOUGHT I wanted because I was born 5ft tall 😂Actually a lot of life is down to luck, and I’ve been pretty lucky so far, although my life hasn’t come without fair amounts of stress along the way. But what I have learnt is that when things seem pretty bad, unfair, or out of control the one thing you have the power to change IS your body…not to be skinny or tall but to be strong! ☺️ By learning to say no to things (thanks @ryan.libbey my inspiration) i’ve prioritised what’s important to me, I’ve cut out any negative influences, including people. I don’t eat things that don’t provide some nutritional benefit and I eat when i’m hungry. I’ve played to my strengths and although some people think my figure is too muscly and turning boyish I feel incredible! i’m not going to change for anyone, and I’ll certainly never please everyone. Thanks @womenshealthuk @c_l_sanderson ❤️

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She admits her boyfriend has played a big part in her new lifestyle, continuing: ‘Getting in shape has been a combination of being with Ryan, the timing and changing my outlook.

‘I was doing what everyone else wanted me to do and I couldn’t handle it. I’m done drinking. Before, I would go wild once a week. But I mean wild.

‘Then I realised that I don’t actually enjoy drinking and it’s taken me the past few months to see how much better my life is without it.’

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Having had most of her adult life played out on screen in front of viewers, we know Louise has had a pretty dramatic love life.

Remember the Spencer Matthews era? There were a LOT of tears involved there. But the E4 reality star reveals she’s learnt many lessons.

She says: ‘I used to jump from one relationship to the next. And they were all quite long and quite serious. I’m only 27, but I’d say I’ve been in love five times.

Lost on Holbox Island with my girl in her new fav bikini from @casalastortugas boutique 👙🍑🏝

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‘I was dating someone who was really wrong for me. I don’t know why I dated mean boys before. “Mean” isn’t going to provide you with a happy family, is it?

‘You need someone who’s reliable. I did everything in the right order. Ryan Libbey is so kind and sensitive. And so Zen. And he pretty much doesn’t even have an ex.’

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Could we be seeing an engagement ring on Louise’s finger sometime soon?

By Emily Jefferies