Louise Thompson On Millie Mackintosh And Hugo Taylor

Louise Thompson has offered up her opinion on her former Made In Chelsea co-star Millie Mackintosh’s romance with Hugo Taylor.

Millie and Hugo rekindled their flame shortly after Mills and Professor Green’s quickie divorce went through – and if you ask Louise, she thinks it was a little too soon.

Speaking about how she reacted when she first found out that Millie was dating Hugo again, Louise said: ‘”‘What the f**k!” Was my first response but to be fair I’m not close with either of them anymore.’

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millie mackintosh and hugo taylor Millie and Hugo are looking closer than ever after rekindling their romance earlier this year


‘I think it’s very quick for her to move on after her marriage falling apart’, she added.

The MIC star star went on to tell OK! that she thought it was a mistake for Millie to get back with Hugo.

‘I don’t believe in going back, and it’s like she clearly doesn’t remember how it was like the first time they broke up’, she said. ‘It was really messy! It seems five years on both of them have forgotten what happened!’

made in chelsea louise thompson Louise Thompson has suggested her friend Millie may have moved on ‘too quickly’…


However, Weez still has sympathy for Mills and all she’s been through, it seems.

‘I wish them all the best they look great together and all I can say it must be tough being this young and divorced’, she added. 

Millie and Hugo are currently enjoying a relazed mini-break at Babington House, which hasn’t gone without its controversy, seeing as that’s where Millie and Pro got married just two years ago…

It’s a tough one. But we’re just happy to see Millie happy.

millie mackintosh babington house Millie is currently at Babington House with Hugo – the venue where her and Pro Green got married…