Louise Thompson Looks Unrecognisable In New Instagram Pic

Louise Thompson's face looked noticeably fuller in a new picture

Louise Thompson has caused a stir on Instagram with her latest picture. Nope, it’s not a PDA with boyf Ryan Libbey or anything rude – she looks her usual gorgeous self, just with a noticeably fuller face.

While her appearance could all be down to clever contouring tricks, fans immediately started speculating.

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One user got straight to the point, writing “Ave u had fillers in ur chin m8?”

“Why aren’t more people confused by the completely different face?!?” wrote another, while someone else said they preferred her usual appearance.

“Why would you change your face when you’re so naturally beautiful?! Sad to see – be grateful for your natural beauty,” they said.

Another simply asked: “Why does Louise Thompson not look like Louise Thompson?”

All smiles here. ?

A photo posted by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

Whatever the secret is to Louise’s new look, she seems very happy, writing “All smiles here” underneath the picture.

She’s been, in her own words, “sickeningly happy” lately with boyfriend Ryan – so much so that she told OK! magazine that she was expecting it to all go Pete Tong.

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“We’re way too lovey dovey,” she said. “Sometimes I find it scary because I’m just waiting for something to go wrong because it can’t get much better.”

Well, there’s a problem we wish we all had. The pair aren’t shy about their affection either, often posting loved-up snaps on their social media.

Him. ? #pda

A photo posted by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

They say the couple that trains together stays together (well, they do now) and Louise is often spotted in the gym alongside personal trainer Ryan. Who said sweat and dumbbells weren’t romantic?