MIC’s Louise Thompson Causes A Stir With Her ‘New Pout’

The Made In Chelsea lady has been questioned by fans after posting a photo that appears to show her with fuller lips...

Made In Chelsea‘s Louise Thompson is one woman who knows how to work her angles.

In fact, this summer, the petite brunette has been the talk of Instagram thanks to those ah-mazing abs (yep, girl’s been working hard down the gym).

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??? little n' large

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Of course, much of it is thanks to her new personal trainer beau, Ryan Libbey, who’s been helping Weez step up her fitness game. And boy, does she look smokin’.

However, fans were flooding the comments section of her latest ab-baring Instagram snap not to gush about her bod, but this time, to question why her face looked a little different from usual.

This @flattummytea is working the bloat out! Don't be mad girls, just go order yourself some tea??

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After Louise shared a photo last night of her looking gorgeously fresh-faced in a nude lace-up crop top and leggings, Made In Chelsea fans were quick to jump on her fuller looking pout.

‘Think she’s had her lips done?’ one fan questioned.

‘What happened to your lips?’, asked another.

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louise thompson

Whilst a third person expressed their concern over Louise’s apparent new look. ‘She was pretty before having her lips done…☹️’, they wrote.

So far, Louise has yet to respond to the allegations over her lips, but we have to say – it could just be that Louise knows exacty how to pout her way to fuller looking lips.

kylie jenner lips

Kylie has previously shown the power of knowing your poses…

Kylie Jenner, who’s famous for her full pout, has previously said that she often fakes the illusion of lip fillers by positioning her top lip in a certain way so that it looks fuller.

Perhaps Weez has been taking notes?