MIC’s Louise Thompson Is Being Picked On Over *This* Body Part

Louise Thompson has been attacked over her FEET in an Instagram picture from her holiday with boyfriend Ryan Libbey...

Social media can be a funny place. But Louise Thompson was on the receiving end of some very ridiculous comments after she posted a snap from her latest exotic vaycay.

The Made In Chelsea beauty is enjoying a beautiful looking holiday with new boyfriend, personal trainer Ryan Libbey.

But when she shared a shot of herself lounging in a chair wearing nothing but silky purple trousers and a With Love Lily bra from her new collaboration with the brand, fans could only talk about one thing.

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I got today's weather covered ? bra by @with_love_lilly #monkeybusiness ?

A photo posted by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

‘Omg I never would of thought her feet looked like that!’ one fan commented.

‘Look her feet absolute tree climbers’, said another, whilst a third wrote: ‘Big hobbit feet ?’.

Another couldn’t believe how ridiculous the comments were, posting: ‘Laughing so much at everyone’s comments about her feet ?’, another said.

Toning and tanning ? feeling on top of the world.

A photo posted by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

To be honest, we can’t either. We mean, CAMAAAAN guys. First up, Louise’s feet look totally normal to us. Secondly, can we please understand that that particular camera angle will always make whatever’s nearest to the lens appear bigger. And thirdly, it’s just plain mean to slate someone’s body part like that!

Thankfully, there were some level-headed fans in the midst of the commenting.

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My boyfriend's better than yours ?

A photo posted by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

‘Oh my what dim minds people have, it’s clearly the photo angle and tensed feet that make it look like that – love that she does not give a s**t what anyone thinks, total morons that follow just to hate and criticise. Jeepers doin my head in ?’, slammed one.

Feet-gate aside, Weez looks to be having a pretty lovely time with her man, Ryan, with the couple posing for numerous workout-inspired couple’s shots whilst showing off their impressively honed bods.

Well, why not, eh?