Why This Bath Snap Of Louise Thompson Caused A Stir

We all love a good bath, right?

But some of us like to do a little more than just light a few candles and read a good book while having a dip. And by some of us, we mean Louise Thompson.

The Made In Chelsea lady, 25, got EVERYONE talking yesterday when she shared a very saucy bath time snap with her followers. Ooh.

Louise Thompson posted *this* nudey snap yesterday


The Instagram photo had been taken from behind and showed Louise (obvs) totally starkers.

Louise – who was in New York at the time – was perched half in the water and was staring out of a window. Very arty.

She explained the reasoning for uploading such a sexy image, telling fans: ‘My marble tub has city views.’

Louise Thompson has been in New York over the past few days


TBH, her bod did look incredible. And most of her followers agreed, with one commenting: ‘She looks amazing!’ and another writing: ‘Baaaaabe.’

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But others were a little less kind about her decision to go nude for Instagram.


Comments included: ‘Really… Put it away,’ and: ‘Not for Instagram really and real question is who’s taking the picture!’

Um. Firstly, Louise can show as much skin as she likes. Bet you wouldn’t be complaining if it was David Beckham, would you?!

Louise Thompson is partial to the odd semi-naked selfie


And considering her boyfriend Alik Alfus is a New Yorker, we have a sneaky suspicion it may have been him behind the camera.

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If not, she’s clearly comfortable being naked in front of whoever it was.

Louise Thompson is dating New Yorker Alik Alfus


You keep doing you, lady.