MIC’s Louise Thompson Defends Her Behaviour During Alik Alfus Break-Up

After Made In Chelsea fans accused Louise of behaving badly on last night's episode, the reality star has hit back on Twitter...

So last night’s Made In Chelsea Cannes was a bit of a dramatic one, wasn’t it?!

We saw Alik Alfus fly to the South of France to confront ex Louise Thompson about her new boyfriend, and man, it was tense.

The pair’s ‘talks’ kicked off with Alik admitting that before their split, he was going to propose: ‘I had a $40,000 ring on the way’, he told Louise.

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Alik Alfus made his return to Made In Chelsea last night…

But once he discovered Louise had already moved on with Ryan Libbey, her gym instructor, he got angry.

‘It’s so cliché that you’re with your personal trainer’, he fired at his ex, before pleading: ‘You’ve got this amazing nice guy in front of you, I’m here.’

(Seriously, it was heartbreaking).


Louise admitted she was finding it ‘too hard’, and eventually said she didn’t want to be with Alik

But Weez simply could not be convinced, and ended up stating that she wanted to be ‘best friends’, but adding: ‘We just can’t be together’.

A clearly crushed Alik ended the episode by saying he would try to ‘move on’, adding: ‘I’ll be fine, I don’t wanna be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me.’

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Twitter had *alot* of sympathy for the rejected Alik…

And let’s just say there was plenty of sympathy for Alik on Twitter as the episode drew to a close.

‘Louise is making such a big mistake ffs #MiCSOF’, one viewer blasted.

‘How can you not love Alik? #MiCSOF’, tweeted another.

Whilst many others simply admitting to crushing on Alik, big time.

‘The thought of @alikalfus not being in anymore episodes of @E4Chelsea kinda makes my heart break #MiCSOF’, tweeted one.

‘Just watched last nights #MiCSOF and #alikafus you will make someone a gorgeous husband one day’, praised another.

However, Louise did get some MIC fans backing her, with another tweeting that she thought Alik was guilt-tripping his ex unfairly.

‘I know Alik was hurt but why was he trying to make Louise feel guilty for not wanting to be with him. It was nasty & condescending. #MiCSOF’, they wrote.

Of course, Louise had her own comments to make on the dramatic and emotional episode, later tweeting: ‘You can’t control the heart. ?’, before adding: ‘Louise doesn’t do goodbyes well.’

Blimey. We’re off to have a lie down.