Louise Thompson Just Made A Big Revelation About Alik

Louise Thompson has some pretty BIG plans for next year, guys.

Yup, the Made In Chelsea star has revealed that she’s planning on getting married in 2017.

We all know her boyfriend Alik Alfus, but don’t worry, you didn’t miss the engagement.

The reality pair started dating after they met during a one-off series of the E4 show in New York back in 2014. But now, she’s opened up about her wish to take their relationship up a notch.

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The 26-year-old revealed exclusively to The Sun Online, ‘I aim to get married in 2017. So if it doesn’t work out with Alik I haven’t got much time left.’  

She explained, ‘Someone tweeted me saying when I first joined the show, so I must have been 20, apparently in one of my scenes I said I wanted to be married by the time I’m 25.

‘I’m now over the age. But I’m thinking first child at 30, so I’ve got a few years… I want to have a brood of five. Four boys, one girl.’


In case you’ve forgotten, Louise and Alik are currently living in different cities.

She’s admitted that she’s having a difficult time with deciding on their living arrangements, telling The Sun, ‘He’s never going to move back here which is really depressing because he has a business that he has to take over, over there, so that really is his priority.

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‘It’s kind of a shame that we both live in such awesome cities because it makes the decision so much harder.’ 

She confessed that there’s a time limit, ‘I need to make a decision in the next three months…’

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be tuning in to the new series of Made In Chelsea on Monday to see how this one unfolds…