Did Louise Thompson *Really* Cheat On Boyfriend Alik Alfus?

It looks like tonight’s episode of Made In Chelsea is going to be pretty dramatic.

In a teaser at the end of last week’s show, we saw Elliot Cross claim that Louise Thompson had kissed him while she was drunk.

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> Elliot Cross has claimed Louise Thompson drunkenly kissed him


Yep. The same Louise Thompson that’s been with long-term boyfriend Alik Alfus since they met on Made In Chelsea: New York over a year ago.

Not a great rumour to be flying around, eh?

Elliot told Josh ‘JP’ Patterson that he and Louise had had a tipsy smooch, after which JP relayed the conversation to his new lady Binky Felstead.

> Binky Felstead and Josh ‘JP’ Patterson ended up embroiled in the drama


Binky then grabbed hold of Louise to ask her if the allegations were true (are you keeping up?), but she didn’t exactly get the answer she was expecting.

Louise appeared surprised and later told Elliot that she doesn’t remember anything happening between them. Hmmmm.

> Louise Thompson says she doesn’t remember anything happening between her and Elliot Cross


Alik and Louise have been trying to make their long-distance relationship work since New York-born Alik moved back across the pond to focus on his business earlier this year.

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He was in America when these cheating rumours emerged, so after word got to him he told Louise he was catching the next flight to London to investigate. Crikey.

> Louise Thompson had seemed settled with Alik Alfus


But despite the scenes being yet to air, it seems as though Louisa and Alik have managed to sort things out between them.

On Wednesday, Louise captioned an Instagram photo of herself and Alik in bed together: ‘Happy birthday to my hero @al_alfus luv u more than you will ever know.’ Aw.

Fans were clearly pleased to see this show of affection, with one commenting: ‘omg i’ve never felt more relieved in my life.’

> Louise Thompson posted this saucy photo of her and Alik Alfus last week


However, others were a teeny bit annoyed that it seemed to signify a spoiler. As one miffed viewer wrote: ‘they clearly don’t break up then.’ Oo-er.

Let’s be honest, we’re probably still going to tune in anyway…