Louisa Johnson Claps Back At Criticism Of Her X Factor Performance

The 18-year-old singer was accused of miming and 'having her a*** hanging out'. But we thought she slayed...

Louisa Johnson made an epic X Factor comeback last night.

A year after she won the contest, the singer returned to the stage to perform her new single So Good. And yep, it pretty much was So Good.

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Fans agreed, with Tweets including: ‘Seriously. Your performance on the X factor was incredible. Your song needs to be #1 @louisa,’ and: ‘@louisa’s new song is so good I am weaaaaak👸🏼 [sic].’

But unfortunately, the 18-year-old still ended up being criticised. *Sigh*.

If you cast your minds back to 2015, you’ll remember that Louisa is in possession of one INCREDIBLE voice. But for some reason, some people seemed convinced that she was miming.

Louisa Johnson

One wrote: ‘Absolute shocking how louisa johnson won xfactor last year and she is miming @TheXFactor #XFactor2016,’ while another said: ‘Shame to see @louisa miming on @TheXFactor as she’s so talented! [sic].’

However, Louisa wasn’t going to take this speculation lying down. She took to her own page to hit back: ‘Wish i bloody mimed, would be a lot less pressue eh? 👍🏼 [sic].’

She later added: ‘I mean, sorry that i can sing live? Should i be sorry? Lmao.’

YAAASS. You tell ‘em, girl.

It’s safe to say Louisa looked ah-mazing as she belted out her track, working thigh-high black boots and a metallic blazer. When it came to her beauty look, she was rocking a fierce glitter parting and smoky eyes.

But sadly, she was also slammed for her outfit.

One viewer Tweeted: ‘Little mix got s*** for dressing like prostitutes on Xfactor, then Louisa comes out in a coat and knickers with her arse hanging out! Classy.’

Another said: ‘Erm could see your knickers 🙈🙊🙉 #XFactor  #XFactorResults.’

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This time, Louisa had already answered her critics. Before the show, she’d told the Daily Mirror: ‘There have been a few people [who have said things about my stage wear], but coming from the show it’s difficult.

‘You are on a TV show, you have to dress a certain way, you’ll get told off if you don’t. Then you come out of it and you want to dress how you want. It’s your personality, I don’t understand it.

‘Everyone goes on about kids being confident with what they wear, young girls and boys, and then they get criticised for being comfortable with their bodies. It’s a bit confusing.’

Personally, we think Louisa has the right to wear exactly what she wants without being judged. And she TOTALLY slayed. So shh, yeah?