Louisa Johnson On The Frustrations Of The X Factor House

Louisa Johnson has admitted that her time in The X Factor house has been a teeny bit frustrating.

As she’s only 17, the pretty singer isn’t allowed the same freedoms as her fellow contestants. And she’s already thinking about moving into her own place.

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> Louisa Johnson doesn’t have as much freedom as her fellow acts


Louisa tells the Daily Mirror: ‘I turn 18 in January. At the moment in the X Factor house I’m not even allowed out to the shops on my own – I have to stay in.

‘Even if I want to go home, it has to go through loads of people.

‘It’s not about wanting to drink alcohol. I’m not bothered about that. If I won the show I’d want to move out and live on my own and be my own person.’

> We TOTALLY remember those days, Louisa


Despite this, Louisa is still loving her time on the show. Already one of the favourites to win, she’s open about how much she wants to succeed and says she was ‘prepared for the pressure’.

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She already has one VERY famous admirer – One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

Louisa reveals: ‘Louis Tomlinson direct messaged me. He just said: “Good luck.” It was nice to have support. I replied, saying: “Thanks so much.” He’s just a normal person.’

> Niall Horan (second from left) and Louis Tomlinson (second from right) are both backing Louisa Johnson


So could there be a romance here?! Sadly, it seems not. Louisa says of the 23-year-old: ‘He’s not really my type.’

He’s not the only 1D lad who’s voting for her. She also met up with Irish hottie Niall Horan backstage when the group performed on Sunday night’s results show.

Louisa continues: ‘He was saying: “Let your personality shine through.” Those two seem to be backing me, which is nice.’

> Louisa Johnson is one of the favourites to win The X Factor


Considering 1D’s insane success since their stint on The X Factor in 2010, we think that’s probably pretty good advice to take…