Louisa Johnson Deletes Her Lingerie Selfie Before Disabling Instagram Comments

The X Factor winner left fans confused when she posted but deleted a gorgeous underwear selfie, before disabling comments on her Instagram account...

Louisa Johnson is looking SO fierce right now.

The X Factor winner is not only giving us serious hair envy with those pretty lilac locks, but has also been flaunting her gorgeous curves on numerous exotic holidays.

(Um, we need a vaycay, STAT).

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But the 18-year-old confused fans with a selfie she posted earlier this week.

Louisa posted a selfie of herself looking smokin’ in a lacy navy lingerie set, which she threw an oversized denim shirt over.

The blonde beauty wore her hair down in loose mermaid waves and added a few super cute baby boho plaits – LOVE!

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Louisa confused fans by posting and then swiftly deleting this lingerie snap…

So, why were fans confused? Well, because Louisa swiftly deleted said snap, not long after posting.

Even more strange is the fact that the singer has since disabled comments on her Instagram pictures – something her fans also picked up on.

‘Why did she disable comments’, one queried last night. ‘She disabled comments’, noticed another.

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We really hope that comments left underneath Louisa’s lingerie snap weren’t the reason why the star has decided to ban all comments on her account. Especially as Louisa’s previously revealed how self conscious she can be.

‘I grew up with really low self- esteem’, she told LOOK. ‘You can be the prettiest person in the world and have what everyone else wants, but you still can feel bad about yourself.

‘The added pressure from social media isn’t needed.’

We couldn’t agree more. You keep slaying, lady.