Louisa Johnson Shuts Down A Troll Who Mocked Her Boyfriend

The 18-year-old X Factor winner sticks up for her beau on Twitter...

Louisa Johnson isn’t going to let anyone diss her boyfriend.

The X Factor winner, 18, has been dating Daniel Elliott since last year – and she’s clearly completely loved-up.

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Yesterday, she shared a gorgeous Instagram snap of herself and her man chilling on holiday. Louisa was clad in a white bikini and sunnies, while Daniel looked dapper in a shorts and shirt combo.

But just hours later, she’d received a cruel Tweet about her relationship. *Sigh*.

It all began when Louisa posted a photo of herself on the red carpet. She did look insane, rocking a poker-straight lob, burnt orange eyeshadow and nude lips.

But that didn’t mean that someone had the right to comment: ‘Your boyfriend ain’t even coming close TBH.’

Yep. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

However, Louis wasn’t fazed. She simply responded: ‘My boyfriend is my boyfriend cuz he aint shallow like u boy bye [sic].’

YAAAASSSS. So much sass.

Louisa Johnson and her boyfriend make one *very* cute couple

Louisa Johnson and her boyfriend make one *very* cute couple

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Fans were quick to lend their support, with one messaging: ‘How nosy people are! You and Daniel are cute together and are always together when have a chance. Love you guys.’

Others wrote: ‘Ignore idiots like this Louisa glad things with you and your boyfriend are good. Keep been happy together ☺️,’ and: ‘That burn was deserved haha.’

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Louisa recently opened up about her romance, telling NOTION: ‘I’m completely in love. He’s good; he’s perfect.

‘We’re young, so naturally I want to spend all of my time with him, but right now there’s a lot going on.

‘He’s completely respectful of it, he’s not a bit jealous but proud and supportive of me.’

Aw. Isn’t that just the cutest?!