So Louisa Johnson Was Approached By X Factor Producers

There’s no denying that Louisa Johnson is one amazing X Factor winner.

The 17-year-old totally stunned the judges (and us) with her incredible vocals and super-cool attitude over the course of the series.

And after a typical upbringing in Essex, it was great to see someone from such a relatable background do so well.

> Louisa Johnson wowed at The X Factor final


But now Louisa’s revealed that she was actually approached by the show’s producers last year, when she was just 16.

She tells the MailOnline: ‘I’ve always wanted to go on the programme. But I wasn’t quite ready to do it when I was asked last year as I was at school.

‘But it gave me the idea to try this year. I had a gut instinct and felt like it was the right thing to do.’

> Louisa Johnson was asked to audition for The X Factor last year


This wasn’t her only brush with Simon Cowell. Two years ago, Louisa tried out for his other reality show Britain’s Got Talent.

She continues: ‘I also applied for Britain’s Got Talent in 2013 but I didn’t get past the first stage. It wasn’t meant to be.’

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> It seems Louisa Johnson was always destined to meet Simon Cowell


TBH, we don’t blame Louisa for giving all avenues a go. She’s clearly been keen to kick-start her career for quite a while.

She reportedly trained at Essex’s Urban Edge theatre school for a number of years, which X Factor alumnus Lauren Platt also attended.

‘My wife Katie is a vocal coach doing a lot of work in Essex,’ co-founder Stevie Watts said in a recent interview.

> Lauren Platt reached the live stage of The X Factor in 2014


‘She gets a lot of talented kids coming her way, and she’s been looking after an outstanding talent called Louisa Johnson since she was 11 years old.’

Think it sounds a little fishy that Louisa and Lauren started out in the same way? Fear not, apparently it’s all one big fluke.

An X Factor spokesperson tells The Sun: ‘Any connection with a former contestant is coincidence.

> Louisa Johnson looks set for stardom


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‘No one has been given special treatment and everyone was judged on the strength of their performances.’

And what performances they were.