Louis Smith Opens Up About Lucy Meck Split

Louis Smith has revealed why he ended his year long relationship with Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Speaking to OK!, Louis admitted that he broke up with Lucy back in February as he felt that the relationship wasn’t right.

Louis said: ‘I could have stayed with Lucy but the longer I left it, the more attached she would feel and the more damage it would have done in the future.

‘It was hard, but if it’s not right, it’s not right and I wanted to make the decision to end it sooner rather than later.’

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WOW, there’s nothing like speaking your mind Louis, is there?

The Olympian did go on to explain that the pair are rebuilding their friendship, despite the difficult break-up.


‘Time definitely heals all wounds so we chat now and again. I’d say we’re borderline friends, which is nice and what I wanted’, he added.

Lucy spoke out in March about the split, admitting that the pair were very quite different and led separate lives.

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‘When we got back from Thailand, I just didn’t hear from him after we landed. We got back and it was obvious for him it was done.’


Break ups are always hard, but we are glad that these two can move on and maybe even be friends.

By Megan Wiseman