The Weird Thing That Happened During Louis Smith’s Olympic Performance

Did you notice?!

If you were watching last night’s Olympics coverage, you’ll know that it was a tense but hugely exciting evening all round.

Tom Daley and diving partner Dan Goodfellow scooped the bronze in the men’s synchronised 10m platform diving, whilst Ed Ling claimed bronze medal for Team GB in the men’s trap shooting.

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Louis smith

Viewers had another theory as to why Louis came off the horse

But it was a heartbreaking night for Louis Smith, who didn’t have his best day at the Olympics. After winning bronze back in 2012, all eyes were on the gymnast to pull it out of the bag, but after misjudging his position on the pummel horse, he ended up coming fourth after falling off.

However, there was a slightly hilarious moment during his performance, when one of the BBC commentators let out a seriously dodgy sounding moan right when Louis fell off.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Gymnastics, Rio Olympic Arena, Brazil - 08 Aug 2016

Louis fell of the pummel horse, leading him to come fourth

LOLs. Watch it on OK! right here.

But whilst Louis himself blamed his fall on a last-second change of plan from the Great Britain coaching team, viewers at home had a different theory.


‘I reckon the top knot hairdo on Louis Smith was the reason for his fall, probably affected his balance, bit too heavy! #Olympics #Rio2016’, one wrote.

‘I think the top knot had a lot to do with it! #LouisSmith #cutthethingoff’, said another.

‘Louis Smith would have done better if he didn’t have that ridiculous top knot affecting his centre of gravity’, guessed another.