Lucy Meck On Why She Blocked Ex Louis Smith

Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed that she’s been deeply ‘hurt’ by her ex Louis Smith’s behaviour since their break-up back in February. Especially about that photo…

The pair announced that they’d ended their year-long relationship last month, although they declined to divulge the reason behind their split.

At the time, Louis only spoke out to address fans who were speculating whether the real reason behind his and Lucy’s break-up was the fact that he wasn’t ready to settle down.

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The Olympic-winning gymnastic wrote on Instagram: ‘Yes me and Lucy have broken up!! Yes I’m ok and I’m glad she’s ok as well. And yes we definitely want different things.

‘And no the reason isn’t because I refused to settle down. it’s very different. Have a good day.’

The only slightly odd thing about this message is the fact Louis chose to include a photo of Tyga and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. In the snap, Tyga could be seen looking bored as Kylie checked her phone.

> Louis Tomlinson shared this photo to Instagram. Intriguing


One fan questioned: ‘Soooooo is he trying say he was bored?’ Hmmm. Let’s hope not, eh?

And now, Lucy has admitted that it was that picture that shocked her to the core. ‘That hurt. That really hurt,’ Lucy told Now about the photo.

‘I admit I’m a person who’s on their phone too much, it’s just my life. I’m emailing and on social media… It’s what I have to do. I’m aware of it.’



Lucy went on to say that Louis kept his true feelings bottled up, until the moment of their break-up.

‘I knew that irritated him’, she said. ‘But he didn’t communicate enough for me to realise that it was a massive deal until near the very end of the relationship when he told me in New York.’

The former TOWIE star then dropped the bombshell that she’s now BLOCKED Louis on social media to avoid seeing any more digs. ‘I actually have no idea if he’s tried to contact me. I feel really guilty though’, she admitted.



However, Luce still insists that the relationship simply came to an end after their trip to New York, with no big drama. 

‘There was no cheating, no big scandal.’, she said. ‘We were very happy and everything was going the way it should. It felt like ‘it’ to me.’

After the split, Louis was also forced to respond to allegations that he’s gay, reportedly taking to the site to ‘name and shame’ a user who commented on one of his snaps with: ‘Did no one else pick up on the fact Louis is gay ??? Hello!!’



In a now-deleted rant, Louis is said to have replied: ‘Thought it was time I finally name and shamed someone lol bored of peoples ignorance and bigoted and prejudice behaviour [sic].

‘No I’m not gay and it this comment doesn’t directly effect me but for the millions around the world fighting for equality it’s people like this women dragging our society down… very sad to be honest…’

Gah, break-ups are always difficult. Let’s hope they’re both okay.