Louis Smith Comes Under Fire For *That* Bottom Pic

Louis Smith has come under fire for allegedly ‘sexualising’ a 16-year-old gymnast.

The Olympian posted a photo to social media of a gymnast with her hands on her bottom, who happened to be 16 at the time that the photo was taken.

According to The Sun, Louis captioned the image of US athlete Carly Patterson’s derriere: ‘My sport has its moments.’ The image has since been deleted.

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carly patterson louis smith Louis posted a photo of 16-year-old Carly’s bottom…


Soon after the picture went up, Twitter was flooded with comments from unimpressed women, with one tweeting: ‘Some casual sexualisation from Louis Smith. Girl was 16 at the time of the photo.’

Louis soon hit back claiming he didn’t know Carly was 16 at the time the photo was taken, writing: ‘How was I to know she was 16!’

However, it was the athlete’s refusal to back down or admit wrong that really riled people up, and soon, one Twitter user was embroiled in a full-on war of words with Smith. 

carly patterson louis smith


‘And now @louissmith1989 is just laughing it off. So ignorant’, she replied.

Louis then wrote a lengthy comment in response, insisting that Carly would not be offended by his actions.

‘The day I apologise will be when Carly Patterson says she’s offended. If you don’t like my vulgar, disgraceful, morally bigoted, racial, sexist, feministic, facetious behaviour then just unfollow me or even block me’, he posted.

carly patterson louis smith


Carly herself then waded in, in defence of Louis, tweeting: ‘Its totally ok guys, we’re friends.’

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