Has Lottie Moss Been Photoshopping Her Mole In Instagram Photos?

The 18-year-old's snaps appear to be beauty spot-free, and fans are confused...

Lottie Moss has well and truly taken after her older sister Kate. Because she’s simply stunning.

So we’re a little confused as to why the 18-year-old would feel the need to Photoshop her Instagram pictures.

But it seems as though Lottie is suffering from a few teen hang-ups. Because after looking at her page, that appears to be what’s happening.

Lottie Moss and Kate Moss

Lottie Moss is the little sister of supermodel Kate

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You may have noticed that Lottie is normally sporting a cute beauty spot on her chin.

It’s visible in her modelling shots for Calvin Klein, as well as when she’s out and about and on the red carpet. But over on Instagram, it’s nowhere to be seen. Hmm.

Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss has a teeny mole on the left hand side of her chin

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We know celebrities are clever with filters and camera angles, but we’re struggling to find an explanation for this one…

TBH, it’s up to Lottie what she does with her snaps. We’ve gotta admit, we’ve played around with the Perfect365 app on more than one occasion.

Feeling sorcy

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But we just hope she realises how naturally gorgeous she is.

Kate herself has previously opened up about having body insecurities. However, she’s also spoken about how she’s slowly started to get over them throughout the years.

She’s said: ‘I used to be so scared about: “Oh, I don’t want to show my body.”

Happy Friday from NYC?

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‘Now that I’ve shown it, it doesn’t bug me about my moles, or this isn’t big enough and that’s not smooth enough.’

Let’s hope she’s passed these words of wisdom onto Lottie, eh?