Why Zara Holland’s Lorraine Interview Was Painful

Viewers of Lorraine were NOT happy when Love Islands Zara Holland showed up to discuss her departure from the show.

As we all know, Zara was stripped of her Miss GB crown after having sex with new boy Alex Bowen, much to pretty much every woman on earth’s disgust – um, old fashioned, much?

But a tearful Zara was totally gutted, and soon left the show after hearing news of her mum being poorly in hospital.

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The Love Island star went on Lorraine’s show this morning to discuss the dramatic events of the past few days, but Twitter users were soon infuriated with the presenter’s attitude towards the blonde beauty.

Lorraine Kelly kicked off by asking Zara bluntly: ‘What were you thinking?’

After Zara said she felt that she’d let her mum down after insisting she wouldn’t do anything naughty on the show, Lorraine replied: ‘It’s the premise of the show you knew that. Did you just forget it was on the telly? Were you just in this little bubble.’


And Twitter wasn’t happy. ‘I do feel for Zara Holland but for gods sake! She had sex! She hasn’t murdered anyone! #lorraine’, wrote one.

‘@ITVLorraine think Lorraine is being so judgemental towards Zara in the way she’s wording and implying things, tryna make Zara feel bad’, slammed another.

Zara went on to reveal that her and Alex’s romp was the ‘biggest mistake’ of her life’, explaining that she just caught ‘caught up in the moment’ – not that she needs to explain anyway, if you ask us.

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Still, it was a lack of self confidence that led her to hook-up with Alex, Zara reflects.

‘The new boys got to rate everyone in order of which they thought was the hottest girl and how much banter there was in the group ,and I was the fourth fittest girl and I didn’t apparently have much banter’, she said.

‘You you start to think, “Oh am I really boring and am I not pretty?” And everything that day kind of contributed to it’. Poor lamb. 

Zara, you’re not only gorgeous, but also have a heart of gold. And for goodness sake, we all have sex. So really, what’s the big deal?! Time for this lovely lady to put it to bed, we say.