Lorraine Kelly Is Blasted On Twitter For Her ‘Funny Bones’ Comment

The TV host accidentally caused offence with her comment to disabled actress Liz Carr...

Lorraine Kelly made a bit of a faux pas during an earlier interview with actress Liz Carr.

Liz was on Lorraine to talk about her new play, a comedy play called Assisted Suicide: The Musical. And during the discussion, the presenter made a comment about Liz having ‘funny bones’.

‘That’s just my medical condition, but thanks for bringing that up!’ the actress coolly replied.

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Comedian Carr was diagnosed with a ‘very rare, obscure’ illness when she was younger, telling The Guardian that at age 11 she was informed she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

‘There’s such negativity around disability, so when I knew I had to use a wheelchair, it was worse than death almost’, Liz previously said. ‘It’s not like there’s a good press about being disabled.”

And as expected, Twitter soon erupted with people blasting Lorraine for her insensitive remark.

‘@ITVLorraine “you’ve got funny bones” What an absolute clanger’, one viewer tweeted.

However, others came to the host’s defence and dismissed the comment as just a bit of lighthearted banter, with Lorraine herself later taking to social media to explain herself.

Insisting she didn’t mean any offence by her comment, Lorraine wrote: ‘She’s a very special woman and all I meant was she has the rare ability to make us laugh’.

We totally get where you’re coming from, LK!