Lorraine Is Blasted For ‘Rude’ Interview About Gemma Arterton’s Weight

Viewers of Lorraine were *not* happy after she 'rudely' grilled guest Gemma Arterton about her weight...

Viewers were NOT happy with Lorraine Kelly this morning after an ‘uncomfortable’ interview with Hollywood actress, Gemma Arterton.

The 56-year-old presenter is usually known for her warm character and ever professional interviews (not to mention her flawless style), but Lorraine is now facing backlash from fans who’ve called her rude and insulting.

What? Our Lorraine, rude? Surely not.

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'Lorraine' TV show, London, UK - 19 Sep 2016

Lorraine was slammed for her ‘rude’ interview technique earlier today…

Gemma appeared on Lorraine to talk about upcoming film, The Girl With All The Gifts, and the interview started pretty well with the ladies chatting away about the former Bond Girl’s new role.

When the pair got talking about weight, Lorraine praised Gemma on her “normal size” after calling some actresses too “thin”. She continued: “Does anyone ever say to you, “I want you to lose weight?”

Gemma replied: “They wouldn’t do it anymore, I wouldn’t work on those movies. I’d run a mile, I would do it if it was necessary for a part but not just aesthetically.”

And we totally agreed with her!

But many viewers thought Lorraine was subtly calling Gemma fat (as if she could EVER be called fat) and took to Twitter to criticise the presenter.

One viewer said: “@ITVLorraine @GemmaArterton I know it was meant as a positive, but, #lorraine comment on Gemma’s weight was uncomfortable! Was it necessary?”

Whilst another wrote: “That was so weird! Gemma Arterton is tiny and #lorraine asks if she’s been told to lose weight for roles?!”

A third viewer asked: “Has @reallorraine just indirectly told Gemma Arterton she’s overweight #lorraine”

Another added: “Wow Lorraine asking gemma arterton if she’s been asked to lose weight for films so rude #lorraine”

Although the topic of weight is often a controversial one, we don’t think Lorraine meant any harm by the questions at all and we ALL know Gemma’s figure is totally incredible…

Later the interview moved on to the actresses exciting new project and Gemma told Lorraine: “I’m actually just about to start shooting a film I’m producing, I’d like to direct one day.

“I’d have to find the right script but yeah, that way you are in control a little bit more and you have more of a say, can be more creative, I love it I’m really enjoying the producing side.”

Despite all the Twitter drama, we can’t wait to see what this talented lady has up her sleeve!

By Naomi Bartram