Loose Women Panel Comes Under Fire For ‘Sexist’ Comments

The Loose Women ladies sparked some controversy amongst viewers yesterday, following a conversation surrounding children and men crying.

Raising an interesting parenting debate, Katie Price, who has five children, admitted that she can be quite tough on her 11-year-old son Junior if he cries too much.

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The former glamour model explained, ‘It’s good to show emotion. If a young kid drops a teddy at age 2, it’s acceptable for them to cry.

‘But if they’re 8 or 10 and they cry, it’s pathetic. I can’t imagine Princess or Junior doing that.’




She continued, ‘Junior when he watches films might cry and that’s sweet. But if he’s too scared to go up to the toilet in the dark, I say to him, “Don’t be such a baby”.

‘He has to take Princess with him. It’s pathetic.’

Oh bless him. We don’t know about you, but we still feel the need to do this after watching a horror film…

Even Katie admitted that she was being a little ‘harsh’.

Then the conversation turned to the topic of adult men crying.

Katie said: ‘With a man crying all the time, it would so put me off…’, before confessing that she finds it hard to cry in front of people.


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Fellow panellist Janet Street-Porter also weighed in, saying that she thinks ‘men have gone all soppy’. Errr.

Understandably, the segment split opinion on social media, with many feeling pretty outraged.

One viewer wrote: ‘.@loosewomen shame on you for saying that men have become too soppy. Nothing wrong with men showing emotions, talking about feelings etc.’

Another blasted: ‘Honestly @loosewomen has wound me right up! Sorry how dare you say men can’t cry? Wtf. Seriously. Shameful. #LooseWomen #crying’.

And another reaction read: ‘#loosewomen “men have gone soggy”. As per usual promoting absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic expectations of the male gender #sexism’.

We’d encourage everyone to feel like they can express their emotions without judgement.