LOOK Has Gone Mobile: It’s All Yours On iPad and iPhone!

You know sometimes you have those days where you can’t physically peel yourself off the sofa? We totally understand, which is why we’re saving you the trouble of missioning it to the newsagents and bringing LOOK to your lap.

Yup, we’ve just launched your favourite mag on iPad AND iPhone, so now you can enjoy all the best bits of Britain’s best-selling fashion magazine without even having to get dressed. Hurrah!

This week, get the inside scoop on Dannii Minogue‘s fling with Simon Cowell PLUS The Mega Flattering Trends Dropping In Shops This Week; The Makeup Blunders Making You Look 10 Years Older and Real Life: “My Boyfriend Picks Me Up After I’ve Slept With Other Men.”

So snuggle down on that sofa and grab your fluffiest blanket because you don’t need to go anywhere to enjoy LOOK.

By Lucy Hancock 17th April 2013

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