The LOL Guide To Planning New Year’s Resolutions

1) Reach for the stars

2016 is all about going big.

Think planning a round-the-world trip, undergoing a full-body makeover or replacing your entire wardrobe. Who cares if you’ll be skint and knackered by March?



2) Expect to look exactly like an A-lister

As soon as you change your moisturiser, you’ll basically be the double of Kylie Jenner/Blake Lively/Beyonce Knowles.

Who needs the help of stylists, hairdressers and personal trainers?



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3) Expect to stick to fitness resolutions for the entire year

Every time you enter the gym, you’ll definitely have the same amount of enthusiasm as you do now.

And there’s absolutely no way you’re going to pack up your trainers in two weeks and forget about them until next January.


4) Aim for total zen at all times

This is the year of calm. Ommmmm.

Dog won’t stop barking? Kids won’t stop crying? Boyfriend won’t get off the PS4? Meditation and positive thinking mean none of this will bother you at all.



5) Attempt to transform all parts of your life

Would it be sensible to just make small changes you can easily phase into your current routine? Er, NO.

This time next year, your friends won’t even remember the person you once were.


6) Go all out when it comes to changing your beauty regime

Getting up two hours earlier to perfect your eyeliner flick and contouring will be so worth it when your colleagues start mistaking you for Kim Kardashian.

And you won’t get tired and ratty. Because you’re so zen and all that.


But let’s get serious now. If you want to, you SHOULD push for that promotion at work, join a fitness club or mix up your make-up bag.

But the best way to achieve your goals is by taking small steps. For tips, take a look at our (serious) guide to making New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually stick to.

Trust us, you’ll be better off this way.