Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards Reveals Zayn Malik’s Worst Habit

Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards probably knows her One Direction fiancé Zayn Malik better than anyone, so no wonder she’s an absolute pro when it comes to impersonating him and his mardy moods.

The 20-year-old bride-to-be was in France filming some pre-single promo when her and the girls were grilled about their boyfriends’ bad habits.

When asked to do an impression of her future hubby when he’s annoyed, Perrie rose to the challenge with an uncanny impression of the Bradford boy himself.

After jutting out her chin out in an angry jaw clench and muttering an incomprehensible babble of words, the Little Mixer spilled about her 1D pin-up man: ‘He talks to himself!’

‘And then he’ll sit outside for a few minutes. By himself. Like a freak. Yeah… Zayn doesn’t get angry, he just runs away for a few minutes and leaves me to it. He just simmers for a while.’

Sounds like pretty sensible boyfriend behaviour to us – when it comes to men, we’d always pick a peaceful sulker over an angry shouter.

Besides, with a stressful star-studded wedding to plan and a guest-list to debate over, it’s a good job Zayn’s worst habit is simply needing some alone time every now and then.

No one wants to try and tame a full-blown groomzilla…

By Robyn Munson

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