Little Mix Confess Their Grossest Tour Habits

Little Mix might have been looking insanely glamorous so far on their Get Weird tour, but wait until you hear what’s been going on behind-the-scenes.

In a new interview, the girls have opened up about their grossest tour habits. And brace yourselves, because what came out of their mouths was less than ladylike…

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Whilst chatting with Nick Grimshaw on his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Jesy went into a bit too much detail about Little Mix’s toilet habits. (We mean, we did warn you).

‘We’ve all had the poos from catering,’ Jesy said, before Leigh-Anne chimed in with her own take on the situation: ‘We don’t know why this is happening. Apparently all the crew don’t have it, but maybe they’re used to it. I don’t know.’

Jesy then went on to say that single girl Perrie Edwards also suffers from a rather unfortunate pre-stage habit. 



‘It’s weird because we’re in each other’s pockets 24/7 anyway, regardless of whether we’re on tour or not’, Jesy said when Grimmy asked if they annoy each other. 

‘We’re kind of used to it. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Perrie trumping on stage before we’re about to go in the air and I literally eat it.’ Erm. TMI, ladies.

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Talking of Perrie, the blonde beauty recently admitted that she hasn’t really been on the lookout for a boyfriend since splitting with Zayn Malik last year.

‘I don’t think a woman should ever feel the need for a man’, she told Notion. ‘I love doing my own thing – it just makes me feel independent.’

‘I always say I like my own company – to the point where that person would have to compete!’

Hear, hear. Looks like she won’t be having to reign in those naughty habits to impress a hottie anytime soon, then…