This Letter To Little Mix Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

We all love a bit of Little Mix, right?

We’re often partial to a bit of a Black Magic boogie in the LOOK office. And we’ve definitely had the odd emosh moment to Little Me.

But one Mixer has a complaint about a certain lyric (y’know, the one rumoured to be about Perrie Edwards’ ex Zayn Malik).

This letter’s now gone a *little* viral on Twitter


Although we may have to let her off, because she’s only eight – and has written THE most adorable letter about it.

The handwritten note was posted to Twitter by the little girl’s aunt, who captioned it: ‘Bit of constructive feedback for @LittleMix from my niece…’

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Oh my! We LOVE her


The message itself read: ‘Dear Sir/Madam, ‘I am a big fan of Little Mix and my favourite song is Weird People!

‘However, singing along to to “Hair” I discovered a rude word. If you don’t know what I am talking about it comes in the line… “He was just a **** and I knew it.”

‘It’s a great song but I just wish I could sing it properly (my mum and dad won’t let me sing it as I am only eight).


‘I understand that this cannot be changed but I am just making a point. As I said, I am a huge Little Mix fan so if possible please could I have their autographs.

‘P.S. So I can sing along I have changed it to: “He was just a plank and I knew it” because it means the same thing.’

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Um, ADORABLE. Little Mix were obviously just as touched as us. They re-Tweeted the aunt’s upload, adding a series of cry-laugh and thumbs up emojis.

And followers also had a big reaction, with Tweets including: ‘I’m now going to sing “he was just a plank” out loud at the Get Weird tour,’ and: ‘omg this is sooooo cute.’

Let’s hope she gets those autographs, eh?!