Little Mix Have Responded To The Rumours Surrounding Jesy Nelson’s Relationship

During a recent interview, the Little Mix ladies were asked about the status of Jesy Nelson's relationship. And they had the sassiest response...

It would probably be an understatement to say that the Little Mix ladies are shaping up to be one of the most badass groups of gals around.

Like, c’mon… just look at them.

Since the girls announced the arrival of their new upcoming album, Glory Days, pretty much ALL eyes have been on their personal lives.

However, we understand that this must be have been a tough one for the ladies. Especially as they are often subject to multiple rumours.

See: So Jesy Nelson Has Unfollowed Her Fiancé Jake Roche On Instagram

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Jesy Nelson having possibly called off her engagement to Jake.

After Jesy unfollowed her fiancé on Instagram, she was spotted without her engagement ring- sending the rumour mill into overdrive.

Whilst nothing has been confirmed, it is understandable that this is probably a bit of a sensitive subject.


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And so, when bandmates Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall were quizzed on Jesy’s relationship status during a recent interview, the ladies were having none of it.

After asking them a few questions about the music, questioning then turned to Jesy’s relationship- to which Perrie replied ‘That’s brutal that! That’s brutal, you just came out with that’.

Jade then proceeded to grab the interviewees notes, only to crumple them up and ask ‘next question, sir. What are you going to do without your paper now smart a**e?!’.

Yup, that’s sisterhood right there.


Little Mix

Little Mix’s new album definitely has a theme…

This isn’t the first time the ladies have been unashamedly badass in an interview. During a recent chat with Capital FM, Leigh-Anne Pinnock called out the interview for being ‘inappropriate’.

After being asked ‘Is it awkward when you write a song like this, do you have to speak to all exes and stuff like that?’, the all girls fell silent.

Leigh-Anne then replied ‘When people ask things like that, like why? We’re not here to talk about exes. I know the songs called that, but it’s just like, talk about how it’s a positive thing. Do you know what I mean?’.


Listen, girls, we’ll cut to the chase. Can we just be a part of Little Mix already?!

Alice Perry