What The (Other) Little Girl In Love Actually Looks Like Now

Remember Karen and Harry's daughter (AKA the first lobster)? Well, she's not a kid anymore...

Love Actually has officially been dusted off and brought out again for another year. And we’re SO EXCITED.

Because, nothing quite shouts Christmas like a viewing of this much-loved festive tear-jerker (either with a warming hot chocolate or an iced cup of Baileys, depending on the time of day).

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Last week, the internet was majorly occupied with what the American girl (also known as Sam’s crush, also known as Joanna) is up to these days. Now, the focus is firmly on Harry (Alan Rickman) and Karen’s (Emma Thompson) daughter.


You know the family; think of the grumpy British couple who were hit by the most heartbreaking adulterous storyline, with a bit of Joni Mitchell thrown in to make things hella more depressing. And, yup, you’ve got it.

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emma thompson

In the film, Daisy played the first lobster in the nativity play – which also starred Spider Man, just, because – complete with a papier mache head fashioned by her mum. She wasn’t about to let any amount of husband dramz get in the way of her childrens’ Christmas. Sob.

Thirteen years after the film was released (don’t worry, we’re feeling pretty old now too), Digital Spy has caught up with actress Lulu Popplewell to see what life’s like after starring in one of the nation’s most treasured Chrimbo flicks.

She said, ‘Every Christmas, people still bring Love Actually up to me and I get a bit awkward because I was such a small part in it.

‘It’s become a joke. I clearly peaked age 11 and there aren’t many crustacean-based acting roles going these days – it’s a niche skill.’

We can imagine.

Lulu is 26-years-old now, and in case you hadn’t guessed by that side-splitting quote, she’s trying her hand at comedy, currently filming a short she wrote in January called The Fool.